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Leading Sustainable Architecture & Design

For over 40 years we have been dedicated and passionate in creating spaces that you call home.

We believe in the synergy between great architecture and thermal comfort; and a detailed focus on minimising the impact on the environment; and maximising the efficiency of the building and its use.

We collaborate with all kinds of builders; with the aim to deliver beautiful buildings for any budget.


Our services can include; feasibility assessments; sustainable design reviews; standardised plans; all the way through to full-architectural services offering services from concept to completed project.

We are passionate about the creation of space, and appreciate the balance between budgets and brilliantly built environments.

​We have over 40 years of experience in delivering environments which have been carefully considered to optimise value; functionality and energy efficiency.

​We know how to deliver this; to a high standard of environmental sustainability & thermal efficiency; whilst maximising the return on investment.

We chose the business name Smart-Eco, as it goes beyond the focus of Ecologically conscious building design and architecture.


It's about a synergy of both passive design and building principles and ins integration with low energy active systems, such as water, sewer, energy, heating, and cooling.


The outcome being how a smart building, can deliver a lower impact to its local ecology and environment.


With over 40 years of experience, over 45 awards and nearly 900 homes designed and built; we can deliver any number of solutions for almost every budget.


If you’re interested and want to know more; call and make a time to have a chat.

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Passive Solar

Eco Architecture

Energy Efficiency

Net Zero Housing

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Sustainable Architecture

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