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CSR House Schofield NSW

This house was a project commissioned by CSR.

The aim was to demonstrate and showcase how to build a simple home and energy efficient house. 

Out of 8 other architectural firms, we were awarded the works to provide a concept, design and project manage their vision.

The vision was to create a typical project style home, which not only showcased the range of CSR products, but also was a place which allowed general public to visit, inspect, and walk through.


The house in its brief included lounge dining kitchen +alfresco to the ground floor and 3 bedroom to the upper floor plus study.

The design needed to be adaptable to fit in all the climatic zones in all capital cities in Australia, and was intended to change the opinion of a project home builders to help them understand that changing to an energy efficient home is not a big step , but a simple set of small step the creates a house that has greatly reduce power bills  whilst still  being thermally comfortable.

We achieved a 7.4 star rating under the NatHERs rating system.and was valise but a very sophisticated monitoring system as the intention was to check and validate the performance ,very few houses in Australia had been monitor to determine the real effect.

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