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Blueys Beach

This house was the sea-change dream for our clients, moving out of the hustle & bustle of their city life.


This project was delightful, as the sloping site offered a 240 degree view of the beach, and the owners wanted a pavilion style building which ensured every room had a different outlook.

After our site assessment, we took the approach that this site should harness the wind, and the view, and we designed a concept  to resemble the sails of a large boat.


We focused our design efforts on the aesthetic and functionality of the buildings, thus ensuring a maximisation of zones, catering to all the environments the region offers. 


This project focused heavily on an earthy rendered masonry finish, and a lightness of colours to stand out like a boat on the ocean. It was a completed 6star NatHERS Energy Efficient Design, which emcompassed all principles of Passive Solar Design & Architecture.

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