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Lakeside house

This design has been created for a large family of 8, at an acreage in southern highlands of NSW.

The site slope falls from a higher level down to the lake so that as you arrive in a car and enter the house the vision is through the house out onto the lake is amazing. 

The site and design was considered without the use of grid connected electricity, water or effluent services.

Our Environmental Impact Assessment also sought to work with the large onsite lake, thus ensuring not to affect the local wild life reliance on this lake.


This design is focused on being an 8-star NatHERS Energy Rated design, maximising both the passive and thermally performing aspects of the building, whilst ensuring that the design is sustainably reliant on the the active systems suck as SolarPV< energy Storage, onsite water storage, and effluent management.


With this level of autonomy, we believe this is a true ideal design for an Australian environmentalist

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