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Longueville KDR

Nestled in the leafy suburb of Longueville, this site was occupied by a 1940’s house filled with little charm from its origins.

The client, who had been living in the house for 10yrs, approached us to modernise it into a house to improve both its passive design and overall energy efficiency.

A difficult site, as its northern exposure was limited, but a steep fall of land (~4 storeys) for the southern side to the rear northland side of the site.

After considering the site, the clients brief, and possibilities with the site, we determined it would be best to demolish the existing house and re-build.

The clients brief was to ensure the new build, not only was a thermally comfortable home but ensure the design took advantage of the views.

As a part of our Design service, we presented a number of design concepts, and in the end agreed with the client to have a building that catered to accessing the house from one level below the street.

This saw an expansion of space leading into the living-dining areas, and outdoor deck, whilst ensuring the onsite pool was visible at many locations from the house and yard.

The main bedroom was efficiently designed to have private views towards the river and bushland, maximising the outlook and privacy.


We were delighted to deliver this beautiful home within budget (at the time ~$700k) and within the agreed timeframes from the builder at a 7.5 star NatHERs rating.

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