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Smart Eco Queenslander

Daman is a big advocate for solar energy as he has seen the financial benefits it offers to many households. Working in the renewables industry, he saw the opportunity to create a modern 8-star energy efficient home with solar and storage when he renovated a Queens- lander that was built in the 1920’s for their family home.

Daman said, “we wanted a house that suited the needs of a small growing family, ensuring that it was future proofed with thermal comfort & smart renewable technologies”

One of the key objectives with this renovation was being able to achieve a net zero emissions home. We want to live in a home that is thermally comfortable and energy efficient. Reducing our reliance on energy to heat, cool or light the house throughout the year was a driving force behind every one of our decisions.”

With a thermally efficient home, the temperature of the house is maintained between 18-23 degrees Celsius, taking away the need for heating and cooling throughout the year.

To minimise their reliance on grid electricity, Daman in- stalled a 16 kWp rooftop solar PV system and coupled this with the Australian made 7.5 kWh sonnenBatterie, aimed at storing the excess energy is stored in this industry leading technology.

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